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Comprehensive medical services tailored to your needs. US-standard assessments. Immigration exams, CDL clearance, disability certifications, SSI/SSDI assistance, and self-paid services. We’re here to support you.

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On your way toward living in the United States permanently, you need to pass several steps. The USCIS I-693 medical exam is one of those steps ...Read More

DOT CDL Clearance

Ensure DOT compliance for commercial drivers. Dr. Chowdhury conducts DOT CDL clearances, evaluating health factors for driving eligibility.

The immigration N-648 form is the form used to request an exemption from English and civics testing of an individual in case of a medical disability ...Read More

SSI / SSDI Assistance

Expert assistance for SSI/SSDI claims. Dr. Chowdhury and our team provide medical documentation, reports, and opinions to support your application.

Self-Paid Services

Exceptional self-paid services for general healthcare needs. Dr. Chowdhury provides personalized care for check-ups, preventive care, and treatment.