Essential steps to stay healthy for DOT Physical
  • Jun 22, 2023

Brief description of DOT Physical

What is DOT physical?

The word DOT refers to the Department of Transportation, which mandates that all new and long-time drivers undergo a health and safety check. To qualify as an eligible driver with the DOT, you must pass a DOT physical examination. If you pass the DOT physical examination, this indicates that you are free of any physical or mental limitations that may hinder your driving abilities. After that, you will be able to operate commercial vehicles and industrial products across the nation. A DOT physical examination is critical not just for drivers but also for other road users.

It is critical that you look after yourself, even more so if you work as a driver. Drivers must pass a Department of Transportation examination every two years at the very least. Specific individuals with particular problems need an assessment sooner. Unfortunately, drivers often sit, smoke, and consume fast food. If you want to continue working for an extended period and prefer not to seek other employment, you must be able to pass the DOT test. There are active methods to maintain health and passive ways to maintain health.

How to prepare for DOT physical

Truck drivers are obliged to keep updated on their Department of Transportation issued physicals. Even if it’s your first DOT physical or a seasoned, experienced driver, the physical is still a stressful procedure. If you fail your DOT physical, you won’t be able to get back behind the wheel until you show that you are medically eligible to drive from a different examiner. Here are some methods to prevent a false positive for chronic illness risks and other failing categories on your DOT physical. Make sure you have a light and nutritious breakfast, prepare your medical information. These suggestions should also help you prepare:

  • To begin, one must obtain enough sleep of both the quality and quantity variety. Sleep affects both your mental and physical capacities. Each of these mental illnesses has one thing in common: inadequate sleep. Physically, sleep allows your body to heal itself. Without enough sleep, you will be unable to operate well intellectually and physically. Some sleeping tips: Try to sleep and wake up simultaneously every day, regardless of whether you work or not. It is advisable to avoid sleep aids as much as possible since you will quickly develop tolerance and need to increase your dose.
  • Secondly, avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee. You should abstain from coffee and sweets for 24 to 48 hours before your DOT physical. Caffeine has been shown to raise both heart rate and blood pressure. A fast heart rate or high blood pressure may result in driving limitations or even disqualification, so it’s worth giving up coffee and soda for a day! High blood pressure is a significant indication of a possible chronic illness, and it may lead a medical examiner to lower your score.
  • Thirdly, an appropriate diet is necessary for health maintenance. If you smoke, commit to decreasing your consumption to the point of quitting entirely. Seek expert assistance if you are experiencing difficulty. It is well worth the effort. Maintaining an optimum blood pressure level is critical for your health and livelihood as a worker. It may be challenging to eat healthfully when traveling. Make every effort to bring healthy food with you.
  • Consume Water to Remain Hydrated. While being hydrated is usually a good idea, you should boost your water consumption significantly in the hours before your physical. The additional advantage is that obtaining the urine sample will be made much more straightforward.
  • Prescribed medicines should be taken strictly as recommended. You do not need to be in perfect health to pass your physical examination, but you also do not want to fail the test for an avoidable reason. Make sure you adhere to all recommended medicines and therapies. Failure to take prescription medicines as directed may raise red flags in the examination room, resulting in a failed physical test.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet Before the Exam. Consuming a sizeable salty dinner the night before a physical examination may alter your blood glucose levels and cause inaccurate blood pressure results. Before your test, additional items to avoid include cigarette usage, coffee use, and any other stimulants (such as energy drinks) that may raise your chance of displaying a hypertensive state during the physical. A week before your material, a better diet will go a long way toward assisting you in passing. Consider taking it a step further and seeing if you can make minor dietary adjustments even sooner. Bear in mind that modest adjustments are simpler to sustain and will assist your body in remaining fit for the physical examination and the long haul.
  • Proper exercise is critical to maintaining the optimum function of your muscles, organs, and brain. You might begin with a vigorous 10-minute stroll. This will assist in reducing stress levels in your body. Make it a habit to take a 10-minute or longer brisk walk as part of your daily regimen. Visit a park and go hiking to relieve tension.

A wise bit of advice is to attempt relaxation. When a patient is stressed, physical consequences occur. This may affect how well the physical examination goes. If the patient anticipates that their blood pressure will be elevated, stress may rise even higher. Patients who are anxious about the test may do deep breathing techniques before the exam. This may assist them in regaining their composure. This may also assist in lowering the heart rate. Occasionally, a driver may qualify for specific exemptions due to their health and still be hired. If you are not qualified for an exemption, you may constantly improve your health and reapply until you are eventually certified to drive that big truck.

The DOT examination is critical to ensuring the safety of everyone on board and in the vicinity of these big trucks. It is essential to ascertain the health of all truck drivers and is a requirement for obtaining your CDL.