how to prepare for immigration medical exam
  • Jun 14, 2024

Essential tips, required documents list, and what to expect during your visit for the immigration physical exam

Are you applying for a green card? We understand that it is both an exciting and complex process. You need to complete various paperwork including Form I-693. The approval of your application depends on the results of your medical exam. This test ensures that you do not pose any public health risk. You need to meet the health standards for immigrants to get your green card. 

Dr. Ataul Chowdhury, MD, our experienced USCIS-certified civil surgeon in Bronx will guide you through the preparation process for the immigration medical examination. 

Have a Clear Idea of the Exam

You can take effective preparation when you know what type of assessments you will be undergoing for the exam. So you should have clear knowledge about the expectations during your appointment. You can get the information on the US immigration website. You can also contact immigration authorities for detailed information. Usually, you can expect these medical assessments:

  • Check your medical history
  • Review of vaccine records
  • Physical health assessment
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Blood tests for communicable diseases
  • Chest X-rays for illnesses like Tuberculosis

Schedule Your Exam with an Approved Physician

Your immigration medical evaluations can only be conducted by USCIS approved civil surgeons. They have permission to provide you with the authorized test reports. These medical professionals know all the necessary requirements for this exam. The report they will provide will be considered standard by the immigration authority. You can get the list of approved physicians on the USCIS website

USCIS recommends you submit your green card application with your medical reports. This will help you complete the immigration process faster. So for this, you need to book your appointment a few weeks before you plan to submit your application. You can also schedule your exam after submitting your application. You have to bring your reports during your interview in this case.

Gather Your Required Documents

You have to bring some documents for your assessment. The medical professional will confirm your identity and review those documents. This is a mandatory requirement for the test. You need to bring:

  • Unsigned Form I-693
  • Government issued photo ID like your passport, driver’s license, work permit etc.
  • Medical history including past surgeries
  • Vaccination records
  • Prescription medications
  • Chest X-rays if you received treatment for tuberculosis 
  • Medical documents for chronic disease treatment
  • Letter from your primary care doctor outlining your treatment plan

The civil surgeon will go over these documents to get a thorough understanding of your medical conditions. These will prove your eligibility to get your application accepted. You may get further appointments if you forget to bring any of the required papers. This will delay your application processing. You should check with the doctor’s office before your appointment about the exam fee. Ask them whether they accept insurance or you have to pay in cash. 

Update Your Vaccinations Record

Your vaccination record will be reviewed thoroughly. The authorized doctor will check whether you have received vaccines for polio, influenza, Hepatitis B, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. You should check the vaccination requirements before your exam and get the missing ones. Although we can give you the vaccines during your medical assessment, we recommend you get them in advance. 

Prepare for the Physical Examination

We check your physical health conditions. This helps us to identify any potential health issues that may impact your eligibility for immigration. We check your blood pressure, weight and lung function. We also do your vision, hearing and skin assessments. You need some preparation before your test to get better results for these evaluations. We recommend you get good quality sleep. You should eat healthy meals and drink more water. We also suggest you avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol. 

Be Ready for Laboratory Test

Your medical assessment requires laboratory evaluations to identify your underlying medical concerns. We do your blood test to check for syphilis and other spreadable germs. You also conduct your urine test to determine your kidney health, urinary tract infections and many more medical conditions. We advise you to stay hydrated. It will help you to make the collection of urine and blood samples easier and more efficient.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Civil surgeons will ask you questions about your drug and alcohol use. We will also ask you about your prescription and over the counter medications. You have to explain to us the reasons for taking them and their doses. You can make the assessment process easy by providing written documents from your healthcare provider if you are taking treatment for substance abuse. 

Mental Health Evaluation

We perform your mental health screening to assess your overall psychological well being. We will ask you different questions. It will help us identify symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions. You need to prove your mental stability. It is needed to receive immigration approval. Mental issues are given higher priority. This ensures that you are safe for the community.

Be Honest and Transparent

We will ask you various questions about your past medical diagnoses, current symptoms and medications. You should give honest answers. Don’t hide or give false information. You should show medical records in case you received treatment for gonorrhea, syphilis, leprosy or tuberculosis. You have to provide written documents from your healthcare provider as proof of your successful disease management. 

Stay Informed about the Denial Reasons

Knowing the things that can prevent you from being granted a green card will help you prepare more effectively. You should be aware of these reasons:

Communicable diseases: Your application will not be approved until you have cured yourself of gonorrhea, leprosy, syphilis or tuberculosis.

Drug and alcohol abuse: You will not be allowed to get a green card if you abuse prescription drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol. You may have to provide documents about your drug treatment program in case you have a past record of abuse. 

Mental illness: Your application can be denied if you have a history of violence because of mental instability. It can be any harm you have done to yourself or someone else.

Inability to work: Your application can get rejected if you can’t support yourself financially. It can be because of physical strength or other medical conditions. 

Schedule Your Appointment 

Green Card Health is a renowned immigration physical service provider in Bronx. We have USCIS certified civil surgeon. Our comprehensive assessment will make your medical exam hassle free. Our physician has years of experience in conducting these health checkups at NYCDocs. We ensure accurate test results by maintaining current rules and regulations. Conveniently located in the Bronx near a highway exit, our Immigration Exam Center ensures high accessibility. Our center has an attached advanced imaging center and ample parking. We offer a seamless and efficient examination experience. We have Spanish speaking physicians to ensure effective communication with our Spanish speaking community. We allow both online and walk in appointments. Schedule your appointment today.